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The estate

Domaine Montlobre covers about 200 hectares of garrigue and pine forest. The vineyards represent about 20% of the area of the estate.


The terroir comes from Quaternary alluvial deposits on sand-colored marls interspersed with Eocene sandstone benches. The location favors a slow and optimal maturation of Merlot grapes which develop a great aromatic complexity. The vines are planted South East. It is a fertile soil, red, rich in calcium, iron and other minerals.


The micro-climate that prevails here is slightly cooler than in the rest of the region of Montpellier and Languedoc. Soils are able to maintain water during warm summers, allowing clusters to grow slowly and in perfect conditions.

The grape variety consists mainly of Merlot. Average yields are between 40 and 50 hectoliters per hectare, depending on the year and weather conditions. This relatively low yield allows the red wines of Montlobre to be concentrated and structured.


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