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The Cellar Master's philosophy

Damien Michel

Damien Michel is the Wine Makerand Cellar Master of Domaine Montlobre. He has gained experience in both hemispheres of the planet. After working as a young trainee for Château Mouton Rothschild in Pauillac, under the direction of Technical Director Patrick Léon, he also vinified in Chile, Australia and South Africa. Always curious and passionate, he also tasted and traded with the best winemakers in New Zealand, Argentina, Tuscany and California.

His vision

According to Damien, the basic rule for producing a great Merlot lies partly in the quality of extraction of aromas and tannins during winemaking. It is the time of maceration under controlled temperature (between 24° and 25°) which ensures a complete extraction of the matter resulting from berries of grapes.

"Harvesting when the tannins are 100% mature and extracting smoothly for 4 to 5 weeks is the basis of our approach in terms of quality!"

Wine aging

After alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, the young wines are sung in French oak barrels within Montlobre Chapelle. In parallel with a very slow oxygenation, the oak gives finely wooded notes to the wine.

The choice of oak barrels is essential for Damien Michel. Each year, 25% of the barrels park is renewed with 3 French suppliers: Sylvain, Taransaud and Radoux. Indeed, these loyal suppliers select the best oaks from the most beautiful French forests.

Discover Montlobre vineyard

In the Mosson Valley, the estate covers 200 hectares of scrubland.


Before serving you a drink, discover the Responsible Wine Tasting Charter to guide you in this experience of pleasure and sharing


Wine tasting is an exceptional experience that takes on a particular dimension: it is a moment of discovery, sharing and pleasure. To discover or rediscover a wine, it is necessary to be well prepared, to meet some material conditions and to understand what we are going to do!