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Montlobre wines

The red wines of Montlobre are characterized by their creamy side, full, with silky tannins. Reasoned cultivation and commitment to sustainable development represent so many assets that contribute to making great wines.


'We create the ‘everyday grand cru’ and we shape our landscapes as much with those who see our vines as with those who share our wines'

- our purpose -

'Everyday Grand Cru'

Montlobre wines are made like 'everyday Grands Crus': you will be happy to open these bottles for the choice of a committed house and the pleasure of your taste buds.


The behind Montlobre is Maison Le Breton, committed to Corporate Social Responsibility: the wine is made responsibly and sustainably.


As each vine has its history, the families whose history is linked to Domaine Montlobre are equally passionate.


This is the king grape of Montlobre wines. Its small black berries offer an exceptional aromatic palette and wines with soft and distinguished tannins.

Montlobre history

Montlobre wines draw their inspiration from the history of an estate that is over 300 years old. In the 19th century, the buildings underwent major modifications to become a penal colony run by the clergy. Today we pay tribute to the past of the estate by displaying the little girl who plays the hoop on our bottles.

Les vins de Montlobre